Interstate and International


We maintain a broad network of reliable and competitive local, national, and international suppliers and pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise, and ability to accommodate your every need


Partners & Distributors

Dual is the exclusive WA Partner and Distributor for Dewhurst, Pixel Technologies, and Memco products supplying Telephones, Pushbuttons, Indication, Displays, 3D Door Protection, Key Switches, Lift Lighting, and more.


For over 40 Years, Dual has provided expert advice, design services, and solutions to the Lift Industry of Western Australia. Along with local WA suppliers and specialist Interstate and International partners, Dual is able to provide a complete solution for your Commercial or Residential project.

Our reputation in Western Australia has led to opportunities to service many other industries including Access Control, Transport, Automotive, Builders, Commercial, and Residential & Mining. Recent recruitment and expansion will give us improved efficiencies and further opportunities to support our customers with high quality products and the responsiveness they need.